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It’s a crazy mixed up bowl of soup where light and dark, cute and the ugly, happiness and sadness are all juxtaposed together in equal measures to make a tasty gumbo chock full of surprise and delight

“This cartoons are FUCKING AMAZING! This channel needs to be BIG! AWESOME! 

                                                                                                                                YouTube user.

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This webseries is based on Kaz’s infamous, Harvey-nominated, four panel cartoon strip ‘Underworld’ which continues to be published in alternative weekly papers across the United States to this day. Since 2001 Kaz has written for Nickelodeon’s ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’, Cartoon Network’s ‘Camp Lazlo’ and Disney’s ‘Phineus and Ferb’. He is currently head writer for SpongeBob working on the show, spin off series a the movies!


Matt directed and produced these quirky cartoons in New Zealand with local talent including brilliant cartoonist ‘Karl Wills’ as principle animator. Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion wrote, voiced and recorded the intro sting - isn't it great? Below is a peak behind the scenes and also the very first 'pilot' episode - voiced by Matt (cringe) and that was animated by Paul Densem from Teaspoon Films. Finally is the second season - these were animated by Daniel Wilkens.


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