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Matt Campbell Downes. MCD.

Filmmaker. Artist. 

Matt is a writer and director based in Auckland, New Zealand. His first short film ‘The Dregs’ was featured in NZIFF Best shorts 2017, FIFO Tahiti 2018 and also won best ‘Indie Drama’ in the Los Angeles Film Awards.


Matt is currently developing a feature based on ‘The Dregs’ short and has several other music themed projects in development all drawing on his historical involvement as a teenage band member and graphic designer for the infamous Flying Nun Records.

“I wanna make funny films with strong cultural themes - stories about people and places, how lives are shaped by experience, and how culture is created from circumstance and the cross pollination of ideas.”


Matt started producing his own comics at the age of 14 and was working professionally as a comic artist aged 18. Comics lead to storyboarding for film, illustration, design and animation and then on to personal art as he started to feel bored and constrained by commissioned work. In Japan (91 - 94) and later in New York (94 - 09) Matt continued to pursue his personal art practice alongside commercial projects.

Matt has been a ‘visual storyteller’ all of his life In Tokyo he designed T-shirts for the infamous brand ‘Hysteric Glamour’ and directed several animated commercials for Parco Department Store. Then in New York for eleven years, Matt worked across publishing, TV and fashion and finally as a Creative Director at Ad Agency BBH writing and directing a lot of content – film and animation. During his tenure as creative director at BBH he also co-founded indie gallery ‘The Riviera’ in Williamsburg Brooklyn with several colleagues for eight years before it was kinda swallowed by the gentrification of the neighbourhood.. 

Now based mostly in New Zealand, Matt is now very focused on his personal filmmaking with the occasional dalliance in illustration - ‘Lemmy Lemonade’ for Karma Cola and most recently has some new Aotearoan brands on the drawing board. He is open to any commission or collaboration across the realms of filmmaking and art making that is in sync with his values and vision. 

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