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Stephen Price starts a band only to instantly lose control to school bullies. Failing to entirely salvage his passion project, he however gains something more worthwhile - a sense of belonging for the first time in his life.

“The Dregs is easily one of my favourite kiwi short films. Brimming with teen angst and heartfelt nostalgia. It should be an instant classic.”

                                                                                                           Ant Timpson

Selected and finalist in NZIFF Best Shorts 2017, FIFO Tahiti 2018, and LAFA Best ‘Indie Drama’ 2018.


‘The Dregs’ - the first short Matt wrote, directed and produced came into being after 5 years or more of writing when it finally crystalised into something tangible that attracted the core team around it and who were suddenly super keen to pull together and get made one way or another. Matt built all of the props and worked his way through all of the necessary pre production - including arranging a soon to be demolished state house in Glenn Innes as the principle interior location.

Gaylene Preston

"I cannot believe this director was not born in 1975! A tribute to high school bands, the Gordons and what elevation from dorkhood a guitar can accomplish."


Lee Tamahori

"I liked this film alot - especially the punk editing!"

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