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A ‘married with children’ couple go on their first dinner date in a long time to discuss the changes they’d like to see in each other in order to salvage their rocky marriage.

“This film is amazing! I don't know how he knew... but Matt has unwittingly told my life story - this is my life!”

                                                     Luke Nola - Emmy nominated Director & Producer

This comedy-drama is about a couple who have fallen out of love but wish to try to stay together for their children’s sake. Settling into a cosy table for two, they finally spit out all that’s been left unsaid. The hubby is looking for more intimacy (sex) and the wife would like him to ‘grow up’. There are some religious issues to resolve - morality vs narcissism? Should she ‘should’ him? Could he go to the gym? He’d run a marathon for a blow job, but unfortunately, they’re already married. The essence of this story being that acceptance is the key to lasting relationships because people don’t ever ‘really’ change.

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