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Fwits title.png

In the world today we are increasingly faced with too many fuckwitsFuckwits here, fuckwits there – fuckwits everywhere. Fuckwits driving crazy over powered gas guzzling trucks to the office? Fuckwits cutting down beautiful native trees. Fuckwits building god awful monstrosity houses. Fuckwits talking loud on phones on buses. Fuckwits to their kids, to their pets and to their spouses. Racist fuckwits, woke fuckwits, bespoke fuckwits.


Each one of us - has within us the latent potential to be a bit of a fuckwit? Maybe some just sometimes - others most of time? But hey, it’s never too late to say - I can be better. Find the Fuckwit within yourself and banish them away. Every day we can work together and say
No more fuckwits. Please. No more. 

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